Forerunner Ministries is an apostolic pioneering ministry who’s heart and purpose is to see transformation in people's lives through authentic encounters with Jesus. Our goal is to provide space that welcomes the presence of the Lord, and invites hungry hearts to come to the table.

Luke 10:39,42

Luke 10:39,42 “And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word…But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

  • Ryan & Kim

    Ryan was born & raised in Goshen, IN. Kim was born & raised in Sarasota, FL. They met in 1995 & were married in 1996. They have 2 daughters (Alyssa & Amber). 
    Ryan and Kim launched Forerunner Ministries out of the overflow of their hearts to see awakening and revival in the Church, and, from that place, to see our Nation transformed with widespread revelation of the knowledge of God. 

    Ryan has been in ministry for over 25 years and has traveled extensively across the US working with churches and communities to pursue a move of God and to see lives transformed by the gospel of the Kingdom. 

    They are believing for and pursuing revival in our land. They long to see the Bride of Christ awakened, by encountering Jesus & knowing Him intimately…thus, making ready, many people for the Lord’s return.

  • Alyssa Schrag

    Alyssa was born & raised in Sarasota, FL. Following high school, Alyssa ministered with YWAM in Australia & New Zealand. She is currently living in Pasadena, CA. Her heart is for the bride of Christ to awaken to the beauty & worth of Jesus, & become the resting place for his presence & glory. She longs for revival to be ushered in & Christ to receive the reward of His suffering.

  • Amber Schrag

    Amber was born & raised in Sarasota, FL. After high school Amber attended Liberty University where she recently graduated from. She is currently attending Upper Room School of ministry in Dallas, TX. Amber’s heart is for people to spend time in the presence of God, so they can really know His heart for them, see His beauty and what He is speaking over them. She longs for Jesus to receive all that He is worthy of and for a devoted bride to be formed that loves Him with everything they have.

  • Laban Schmidt

    Laban was born and raised in Northern Indiana. In 2016, he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that forever changed his life. Laban is passionate about people having a close relationship with Jesus. He longs to see believers and non-believers come into the fullness of Christ, & walk in the freedom & healing that’s available to them by encountering Him.

  • Victor & Hannah Davis

    Victor & Hannah were both born and raised in the Sarasota area and met at a church youth weekend in 2014 & got married January 6, 2018. They’ve been so blessed to be able to do ministry together over the years. They have always had a heart for worship, the next generation, and our city. They would love to see the Sarasota community united to behold the beauty of Jesus in prayer and worship.

  • TJ & Kara Bombard

    Tj was born and raised in Las Vegas, and Kara was born and raised in Sarasota, FL. They both moved to Nashville in 2018, where they met in 2020 and got married in 2021. Tj is a redeemed drug addict and alcoholic, turned into a kingdom-minded entrepreneur with a heart to see people encounter Jesus and gather around the table of community. Kara has a heart for worship and intimacy with Jesus and desires to invite others into that space. Together, TJ and Kara long for community transformation and revival.

How Does This Happen?

Weekly Prayer Sets

Two hour sets of praying, reading Scripture, singing, and ministering to the Lord. In these sets, we function in two primary roles: priests and watchmen. Our primary calling as believers is to always minister to the Lord as priests. It is from that place that we operate as watchmen on the wall, praying Scripture prophetically over our region, the nation, and the world.  These prayer sets are intimate and led by the Holy Spirit. We come ready to pour out our love on King Jesus and stay sensitive to what is on His heart in every moment throughout the set.

Pursuit Weekends

24 non-stop hours of worship, prayer, and teaching. This happens through a continuous change of worship and prayer leaders every 1-2 hours as we keep the fire burning on the altar. We believe that everything in life flows out of a couple different things: personal revelation of the knowledge of God, and then from that place, encountering Jesus and His presence in an authentic, powerful way that transforms lives and causes hearts to burn for Him. We believe God’s desire was never to create servants that do His work. His desire was always for Sons and Daughters who would carry and reflect His glory to a hurting world.

First Friday

Gathering of the community for a night of worship and seeking His face on the first Friday of every month. Many people sitting in churches every week have never experienced what it is to have the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus to them in a way that brings transformation. We’re used to responding to an image of God that we’ve created through tradition, denomination, and our upbringing. From that version of Him, we know the routine of church life. Our heart is to lead people out of mindsets and systems that are not worthy of God, and into a life of passion and revival, through encounter, thus launching them into their destiny and Kingdom ministry! These nights create space to behold our King corporately.

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