Encounter Weekends

What are Encounter Weekends?

Encounter Weekends are 1-2 days of gathering folks in a community who hunger and thirst for more of the Lord.

We believe that everything in life flows out of a couple different things…personal revelation of the knowledge of God and then, from that place, encountering Jesus and His presence in an authentic, powerful way that transforms lives and causes hearts to burn for Him. We believe God’s desire was never to create servants that do His work…but His desire was always for Sons and Daughters who would carry and reflect His glory to a hurting world.

The lost obviously need to encounter Jesus, but many people sitting in churches every week have never experienced what it is to have the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus to them in a way that brings transformation. We’re used to responding to an image of God that we’ve created through tradition, denomination, and our upbringing. From that version of Him, we know the routine of church life. Our heart is to lead people out of mindsets and systems that are not worthy of God, and into a life of passion and revival, through encounter, thus launching them into their destiny and Kingdom ministry!

What would provoke King David to dance before the Lord? What would cause the woman at the well to go tell her whole village about this Man? What would cause a sinful woman to come and break a very expensive jar of oil over Jesus and cry over His feet, wiping her tears with her hair? The common theme is they all ENCOUNTERED the Lord – they KNEW Him. Nobody had to tell them how to respond or what to do….it just naturally flowed from their lives like “rivers of living water” pouring forth!
These weekends consist of solid Bible teaching, extended times of prayer/soaking, anointed worship, fellowship/sharing and learning to hear from the Holy Spirit. The focus of the weekend is…JESUS! He is the Goal and the Reward!

Eph. 1:17 “that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him…”


"It is out of a deep desire to live in and lead others into the presence of the Lord that Forerunner Ministries has been birthed in the hearts of Ryan and Kim Schrag.

From the first time we met Ryan, his desire to lead others to experience the presence of God was unmistakable! Out of this desire, they have brought a teaching and equipping to our Remnant group that has ignited a movement of Revival within our community and individual lives. We are so grateful for the intimacy and presence that Ryan ushers in when he teaches and equips a group of passionate believers to want more of Jesus for their everyday lives as well as world wide revival! We believe the anointing that is on Ryan has been, and will be used by the Lord to change the trajectory of individuals as well as nations.

Forerunner Ministries is making a way in the wilderness to encounter the Presence of God and to spark Revival everywhere!"
Aaron and Tami Fite
Remnant Leaders
East River South Dakota
Platte, South Dakota

Aaron & Tami Fite